Deleat (delete) your pain with Broadview Spine & Health Centre and our unique approach to spinal health incorporating non-surgical spinal decompression, Laser therapy and the Active Therapeutic Movement system®2.

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is an advanced form of care for neck and back pain of a musculoskeletal nature. This specialized form of traction is used to relieve the pain, tingling and/or numbness caused by compressed or 'bulging' discs in your neck or back.

Decompression Therapy


(Lumbar Spinal Decompression)



Laser Therapy

In many cases of spine or extremity joint pain, the inflammation and pain and must be dealt with quickly.​


Active Therapeutic Movement utilizes an innovative way to isolate weak muscles that are contributing to chronic pain associated with your particular condition. The Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM®2) unit allows the patient to do their rehabilitation in a functional pain free position, reinforcing the central nervous system connection to the muscle group.

I have been a patient of Dr. Joe Lawrence for 20 years on and off .... He is a healer and knows the human body inside and out. He has helped me through all my injuries and even stomach issues throughout my life and I have seen him help and heal many people who are close to me. #healer #Dr.Joe



Dr Brazeau showing low back decompression session
Dr Brazeau showing laser therapy
chiropractor technique showing active therapeutic movement system 2

We are a unique health care centre that specializes in leading edge spinal care.​