Concussion / mild traumatic brain injury changes the way the brain functions; however, these injuries are invisible even with using advanced imaging such as MRI and CT scans.




Results from your comprehensive examination help us tailor a treatment program for you that is as unique as you are.  Some of the treatment modalities we may use include:


Vision Therapy that is guided by real time data from videonystagmography and saccadometry.  In fact, we make it a point to show you first hand the results of your tests so you will have an idea of what the issue is and what needs to be done.


Vestibular rehabilitation guided by our advanced diagnostics, an example might be standing on a perturbed surface while performing a visual, sound or head therapy.


Transcranial vagus nerve stimulation beneficial for headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and memory loss


Tongue stimulation with somatosensory evoked potential to promote brain plasticity


• Tablet based eye exercises using Focus Builder


Ear insufflation for headache management 


Non-surgical decompression therapy for neck pain


Nutritional recommendations to support cellular repair


Exercise recommendations to aid recovery


Mirror Therapy to aid in motor control


Auditory therapy for balance and gait improvement 


Laser guided proprioceptive feedback  


Photobiomodulation (laser therapy)