Brain Injury Specialists in Ottawa: Concussion Treatment

If you or someone you know have suffered a mild or moderate traumatic brain injury, you may be seeking the services of a brain injury specialist.

Concussion is a common type of mild traumatic brain injury. Research into concussions and other mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries has shown that chiropractic neurology is an effective form of treatment.

Thus, the designation of “brain injury specialist” for both neurologists who are medical doctors (MDs) as well as chiropractic neurologists.

A question that we sometimes hear here at the Broadview Spine & Health Centre in Ottawa – a concussion clinic where patients with mild and moderate traumatic brain injuries are treated by brain injury specialists – is, “how is chiropractic and spine health connected to brain injury and concussion?”

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How Chiropractic Neurologists Are Brain Injury Specialists

brain injury specialist with xraysChiropractic care, while often associated with the back or spine, is truly a comprehensive and holistic approach to physical health and overall well-being.

The spine contains 33 vertebrae which keep us upright, walking, running, etc. The vertebrae at the top of the spine are what hold our head in place.

A concussion or traumatic brain injury can throw those vertebrae out of alignment. Misalignment – even the seemingly smallest of misalignment – can potentially interrupt the communication that takes places in our nerves, cells and brain.

This means a breakdown in not just brain health but the health of our whole body.

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Symptoms Treated by Chiropractic Brain Injury Specialists

animation of brain & spine connectedThe symptoms from a concussion or traumatic brain injury are diversified and can vary from person to person, depending on the nature and severity of the brain injury.

Common concussion & brain injury symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Memory loss, confusion
  • Slurred speech, slow to respond, etc.
  • Inability to concentrate or focus
  • Sleep issues
  • Anxiety, depression and/or other emotional issues

Should you be experiencing some, most or all of these symptoms and suspect you’ve experienced a concussion – or you suspect someone you know has – it’s best to seek treatment ASAP (either a hospital emergency room, urgent care clinic or your general physician).

Once you or a loved one has been diagnosed with concussion or traumatic brain injury, the next step is to see a brain injury specialist.

woman with brain injuryBrain injury specialists who are chiropractic neurologists treat concussions and brain injury symptoms by conducting one or more diagnostic exams, identifying the symptoms and their root causes, then developing a course of treatment that is customized for your particular brain injury and symptoms.

The course of treatment prescribed and implemented with the help of a brain injury specialist usually includes chiropractic adjustments as well as vision therapy, spinal decompression therapy, vestibular motion therapy, and/or other options in our area of specialty in chiropractic neurology.

Your brain injury specialist will discuss the various concussion treatment options with you, chart out a road to recovery, and be there to answer questions and as a valuable resource for your recovery. He or she will also encourage you to use time-tested methods to help heal from your brain injury – namely rest, time and patience.

Broadview’s Brain Injury Specialists in Ottawa

If you are searching for a brain injury specialist in Ottawa or surrounding communities – either for yourself or for a loved one – the Broadview Spine & Health Centre is an advanced concussion clinic with renowned brain injury specialists in Ottawa.

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