How Laser Guided Proprioceptor Feedback Helps

Female patient trying laser-guided propioceptive feedback

Have you been told again & again that you’re clumsy? Do you have a loved one with balance and coordination issues? Laser-guided proprioceptive feedback helps an individual improve their sense of body awareness. This therapy uses lasers affixed to straps which are worn on the body while various tasks are used to engage targeting with the lasers.

  • Our bodies have inherent mechanisms to allow us to know where we are in space
  • This includes vision, tactile sensation, and proprioceptive sensation
  • Laser-guided proprioceptive feedback rehabilitation covers all of the above
  • Creates an all-encompassing learning experience

A unique visual feedback system, Laser-guided feedback rehabilitation is particularly helpful for visual learners, young athletes and others who desire a better balance and motion skillset. Ask us how Broadview can help.

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