Foot & Body imbalance may be related to nagging foot, leg or back problems.

Orthotics – “Custom Foot Pillows” are inserts that support or correct alignment of the feet, reduces strain and reduces stress on the body.

As in architecture, if the foundation is not stable, the structure (body) can suffer. We will walk around the planet four times in our lifetime, so its no wonder that many people suffer from sore feet. Many issues that we may endure in our feet or our lower body may be direct result of how our foot works. The way you are interacting with the ground has an impact on how your joints are working and how the muscles and tendons in your feet are pulled.

Why you need Custom Orthotics

running man

• The average person takes 8,000-10,000 steps a day
• Foot imbalances start from childhood and are recognizable as early as the age of three.
• Using orthotics with children can work as a preventative method for avoiding potential foot problems later in life such as arthritis, bunions, ankle sprains, etc.
• Half of the Canadian population has missed a day of work because of foot problems.
• The foot contains 26 bones, which is 25% of bones in your body.