Foot & Body imbalance may be related to nagging foot, leg or back problems.

Orthotics – “Custom Foot Pillows” are inserts that support or correct alignment of the feet, reduces strain and reduces stress on the body.

As in architecture, if the foundation is not stable, the structure (body) can suffer. We will walk around the planet four times in our lifetime, so its no wonder that many people suffer from sore feet. Many issues that we may endure in our feet or our lower body may be direct result of how our foot works. The way you are interacting with the ground has an impact on how your joints are working and how the muscles and tendons in your feet are pulled.

Why you need Custom Orthotics

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• The average person takes 8,000-10,000 steps a day
• Foot imbalances start from childhood and are recognizable as early as the age of three.
• Using orthotics with children can work as a preventative method for avoiding potential foot problems later in life such as arthritis, bunions, ankle sprains, etc.
• Half of the Canadian population has missed a day of work because of foot problems.
• The foot contains 26 bones, which is 25% of bones in your body.

The Custom Orthotics Process

Step 1: Casting

The first part of the custom orthotics process is physically casting your foot. This step also includes a thorough examination of your feet, taking detailed measurements, and evaluating the your current footwear.

The method we use to cast your feet is called plaster casting – which is one of the most common methods of orthotics creation. For the most accurate results, we cast your feet while you’re laying down and your feet aren’t weight-bearing. Because the cast is made from wet plaster strips, you won’t be able to move for about 5-10 minutes. Once that’s done, the cast is taken off and is sent to the lab for the next steps.

Step 2: Manufacturing

We will proceed to send your cast along with your prescription (prescription will include details such as materials, measurements etc.) to the orthotics lab. Lab specialists will then proceed to create your custom orthotics. Lab specialists will ensure that measurements and materials match the prescription in order to prevent any discrepancies. Once your custom orthotics have been manufactured, they’re sent back to Broadview Spine & Health Centre.

Step 3: Try Them On!

The final step includes you trying out your brand new custom orthotics! You should notice an instant difference between your old insoles and your new orthotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 main types of custom orthotics: functional custom orthotics, accommodative custom orthotics, and semi-rigid custom orthotics.

Functional Custom Orthotics – This type of orthotic is made from hard materials like carbon-fiber. This helps provide enhanced support to the joints below the ankle, improving foot mobility issues. People dealing with problems such as high arches or flat feet can benefit greatly from functional custom orthotics.

Accommodative Custom Orthotics – Accommodative orthotics are made from soft/cushioned materials which help reduce the amount of impact from standing or walking. This type of orthotic can be especially helpful for people dealing with issues like arthritis or deformed feet.

Semi-riding Custom Orthotics – A unique type of orthotic that uses a blend of both soft and hard materials. The blended materials help improve balance and also absorb impact from activities. This type of custom orthotics is used for a variety of issues ranging from flat-foot issues to athletes using them for pain prevention.

Our custom orthotics will fit into a wide variety of shoe styles and sizes. However, this varies on the type of shoes that you choose to wear. Although we aim to design and mold custom orthotics that fit into multiple shoes, there may be a few instances where a shoe type/style is vastly different. In such cases, it’s recommended that you visit Broad View Spine & Health Centre to have your custom orthotics adjusted so you can use them for all your pairs of shoes.

Right from the start, you’ll notice that your feet are starting to feel better! Initial benefits may include a decrease in ankle or leg pain, improved balance, walking or standing without pain for greater time periods, and fewer calluses, corns, or bunions.
Over time you will start noticing more significant benefits such as improvements in foot abnormalities, overall health and athletic performance. Additionally, having custom orthotics will lead to a reduction in back pain issues due to an improvement in your posture. Contact us today to get the perfect pair of custom orthotics for you!

It’s often perceived that only people with foot abnormalities would benefit from custom orthotics. However, just about anyone can reap the benefits of getting orthotics that are specifically designed for them.
Custom orthotics are made specific to a person’s feet, therefore anyone (kids and adults) seeking more comfort when walking/standing/running should look to have their own custom orthotics. Additionally custom orthotics can help prevent future issues as well! Contact us today for a consultation.

Custom Orthotics are often an integral part of rehabilitation, therefore are often covered by private health insurance or via OHIP.
However, custom orthotics must be prescribed for medical purposes in order to qualify for insurance coverage. We recommend checking with your insurance provider for their specific criteria and qualification requirements.