The Benefits of Auditory Therapy

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The brain’s balance system uses the inner ear to detect whether your surroundings are level. If they are no longer functioning properly, the brain receives impulses that are not equal, which the brain reads as distorted and it will come though as off balance.

Auditory Therapy can help ease various forms of dizziness including:

  • Vertigo
  • Ear Dizziness
  • Central Dizziness
  • Circulation Changes
  • Hemorrhage

At Broadview, we use a form of sound therapy that can influence the mechanisms in the inner ear that deliver information to the brain.  Combined with other visual therapies, this can be an effective tool to help restore one’s sense of balance.

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How Auditory Therapy Helps

The Inner Ear contains the Cochlea and the Vestibule. It sends the brain signals and information to help create our sense of balance and spatial awareness. The brain uses information from the vestibule, as well as vision and the body’s sense of position & movement to determine its location.

When there is a problem with the balance system, it means something is affecting your ability to maintain normal balance. As there are multiple factors that can cause balance problems, how it can be treated will depend on what these causes are in each unique case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your brain’s balance system is connected to the inner ear where it receives impulses to detect whether or not you are balanced in your surroundings. If your ears are not functioning properly, your brain will detect a sense of being off-balance since it is reading the impulses as not being equal.

To learn more about auditory therapy, contact Broadview today at 613-728-2929 or book an appointment with us online.

Auditory Therapy has been proven to assist with several forms of dizziness that a patient may be experiencing including:

  • Vertigo
  • Central dizziness
  • Ear dizziness
  • Circulation changes
  • Hemorrhage

To learn more about Auditory Therapy, contact Broadview today at 613-728-2929 or book an appointment with us online.

Our process for auditory therapy at Broadview is proven to help restore a sense of balance for our patients. We use a form of sound therapy that affects the part of the ear that delivers information to the brain by influencing the mechanisms in the inner ear. The process is simple and pain-free.

To learn more about our process and whether or not auditory therapy is right for you, contact us today at (613) 728-2929 or book an appointment with us online.

Auditory therapy is a form of rehabilitation that aims to recover the balance system of a patient who has suffered from a concussion. Auditory therapy uses sound therapy to send influence the mechanisms of the outer ear that are used to send information to the brain that determines whether or not your surroundings are balanced.