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    Concussion Symptom

    Woman struggling with fatigue from her concussion

    Different Types of Concussion-Related Fatigue

    Physical Fatigue – Following a traumatic brain injury, many patients experience muscle weakness, which causes physical fatigue. It’s important to work on balance and to avoid overly sedentary behaviour.

    Psychological Fatigue – You will likely experience mood swings, anxiety, or depression with a concussion, often making it difficult to find motivation to do anything.

    Mental Fatigue – With a concussion, it may take more energy to focus because you can’t process information as quickly, leaving you mentally exhausted quicker and more often.

    How Can You Manage Your Energy Levels With a Concussion?

    Stay Active – Although you may feel weak or fatigued, it’s important to gradually increase activity levels throughout recovery.

    Get Good Sleep – A good nights sleep is crucial for helping your brain recover and to restore your energy.

    Plan & Prioritize – Plan your days out and prioritize your tasks to avoid overwhelming yourself with too much mental or physical stress.

    Get Treatment – A concussion specialist can address specific symptoms more accurately and effectively to make your recovery process both smoother and quicker. Check out our proven concussion treatments!

    Energy Levels related to concussion fatigue

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