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    Concussion Symptom
    “Memory Loss”

    a man with memory loss after a concussion

    Common Issues With Concussion Related Memory Loss

    Memory loss and amnesia are common symptoms associated with concussions and traumatic brain injuries. You can experience both short-term and long-term memory loss, but short-term memory problems are much more common. Some common issues concussion memory loss issues include:

    • Forgetting context in the middle of conversations
    • Misplacing items like keys, glasses, phones, and wallets
    • Missing appointments and other significant engagements
    • Forgetting names and faces of acquaintances

    It’s normal to experience memory complications after a concussion, and these issues can even last for months after an injury. Getting proper treatment and diagnosis of a concussion is the most important thing you can do to help treat challenging symptoms like memory loss.

    What Can You Do to Help With Your Memory Loss?

    Aside from getting a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan outlined by a concussion specialist, there are some things that you can change in your everyday life to help you manage your memory loss, including:

    • Make lists of things that need to get done
    • Keep valuables in the same place, grouped together
    • Use a calendar or a notebook to track important dates
    • Work in quiet areas without distractions
    • Use alarms to keep track of time and deadlines

    Following these guidelines along with an effective treatment plan from a concussion specialist at Broadview, you’ll take back control of your life and improve your difficulties with memory loss.

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