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    Concussion Symptom
    “Mood Swings & Mood Changes”

    Concussion Mood Swings

    Post-Concussion Emotional Symptoms & Mood Changes

    A brain injury, especially one that results in a concussion is emotionally traumatic. Some emotional difficulties and mood changes that can occur after a TBI include:

    • Anger & Irritability
    • Depression & Anxiety
    • Emotional Lability
    • Impulsivity
    • Social Struggles

    Working with a concussion specialist can help you make sense of your emotional changes and can also help you regain control of your emotions with proper treatment.

    What Can Help Control Your Mood Swings & Mood Changes?

    Sleep – Getting good sleep is important for reducing stress, improving mood, and giving your brain an opportunity to rest and recover.

    Staying Active – Taking part in family activities, regular aerobic exercise, and having consistent social interactions can all assist with improving your mood.

    Counselling & Therapy – Working with a counsellor or therapist is extremely helpful in working through your emotions and understanding how to control them.

    Concussion Specific Treatment – A concussion specialist can help monitor your symptoms and provide treatment to address specific emotional complications.

    Emotional Control after a Concussion

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