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    Concussion Symptom
    “Sleep Problems”

    A woman experiencing sleep problems with a concussion

    Why Do Sleep Problems Happen After a Concussion?

    Sleep disorders are a common occurrence with concussions. Difficulties with sleeping can occur for several different reasons, including:

    • Communication problems between nerve cells
    • Reduced production of sleep controlling neurotransmitters
    • Concussion-related depression (increases likelihood of insomnia)
    • Damaged neurons that control the sleep-wake cycle

    Sleep problems related to a concussion are always worth addressing, especially since one of the most important factors of recovery is getting adequate amounts of sleep. Explore our concussion treatments and book a consultation today!

    How Can You Get Better Sleep After a Concussion?

    Sleep is a crucial part of any post-concussion recovery plan. Some things you can do to help with your concussion-related sleep problems include:

    • Establishing a consistent bedtime & wakeup schedule
    • Avoiding caffeinated beverages & heavy meals before bed
    • Having a healthy and well-rounded diet
    • Staying off screens before going to bed
    • Exercising during the day (depending on concussion severity)
    • Getting professional, concussion specific treatments

    Broadview Spine & Health Centre is the leading concussion clinic in Ottawa that provides proven treatments for a wide variety of concussion-related symptoms and problems. If you’re experiencing sleep problems after a traumatic brain injury, contact us today and get started on your road to recovery!

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