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    Concussion Symptom
    “Vision Problems”

    Woman experiencing vision problems after a concussion

    Concussions & Your Vision

    Concussions and head traumas can have a significant impact on your visual system. With what is often referred to as “post-trauma vision syndrome”, you may experience the following symptoms:

    • Blurred Vision
    • Difficulty Focusing
    • Light Sensitivity
    • Difficulty Reading
    • Problems with Visual Perception

    These symptoms can either be a result from damage to the optic nerve or from a communication problem between your brain and your eyes. Keep in mind that symptoms don’t always appear immediately, and can develop over time.

    What Can Help Restore Your Vision?

    There are different types of vision therapy that are proven to be effective treatment for post concussion vision problems. Vision therapy typically includes visual components that work on attention span, processing speed, visual working memory and more. Vision therapy offers the following benefits:

    • Improved Visual Skills
    • Specialized Treatment for Each Patient
    • Avoid Surgery or Prescription Drugs

    At Broadview Spine & Health Centre, we can create a customized visual therapy program that utilizes targeted exercises and activities to correct specific vision problems. Contact us to learn more about our vision therapy services like videonystagmography and saccadometry.

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