After suffering a concussion and experiencing symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue  your first question might be “What do I need to know when looking for treatment of my concussion?”

One of the most important things to consider when seeking where to get treatment for a concussion is how up-to-date the treatment methods are for concussions at any given clinic. Some healthcare professionals still follow outdated advice, leading to less than ideal outcomes for the patient. Advice such as excessive rest, or simply waiting for the symptoms to subside might lead to you experiencing symptoms for a much longer period of time.

At Broadview Spine & Health Center, we are staffed by Doctors in Physiotherapy who have educated and trained themselves in the latest research and methods related to the treatment of concussions. Our specialists are highly experienced and have the most in-depth training available in the area of concussions, ensuring you will get the best possible care for your injury. If you have or suspect you have a concussion, contact the concussion experts at Broadway Spine & Health Centre.

Dr. Joseph O.M. Lawrence examines a patient's neck


Dr. Josephe O.M Lawrence at Broadview Health Centre

Trust Concussion Experts with Knowledge and Experience

When you decide on where to get your clinic treated, it is essential to take into consideration the knowledge and experience of the specialists. Dr. Joseph O.M. Lawrence and Dr. Eric Guillemette are Ottawa’s Concussion Experts. Certified by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, our Doctors have the training and expertise needed to properly treat your head injuries.

Dr. Lawrence has pursued post graduate education in the field of Clinical neuroscience, which is a branch of neuroscience that focuses on the mechanisms and treatments linked to diseases, disorders, and injuries to the central nervous system. This area of study is the newest area of state-of-the-art concussion diagnosis and treatment, giving you the best chance of a quick recovery.

Both Doctors have significant proven experience in the areas of brain injuries, concussions, vestibular problems, sports injuries, and neurological diseases. This knowledge and experience will help you get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Contact Broadway Spine & Health Centre to make sure you get the treatment you need for your concussion.

Frequently asked questions

Sustaining a single concussion, in many cases, results in a straight-forward recovery with few complications. However, for those who have suffered multiple concussions, especially when the original has not fully healed, the recovery time can grow exponentially. Take care during recovery as while you might feel better, the concussion could still need time to fully heal.

  • We utilize quantifiable concussion evaluation tools
  • We measure eye movements and balance
  • We take care to ensure your recovery is objective, not subjective

A major side effect from sustaining a concussion injury is cervicogenic pain or headaches, which is focused in the neck area. The challenge for doctors is neck pain does not always point to a problem within the neck, but could be a result of spine or eye misalignment.

  • Concussions cause eye misalignment, leading to head tilt
  • Neck pain is a flag for helping identify contributing issues
  • Our treatment is built to help protect your long-term recovery

A common symptom for those who have suffered concussions and experiencing symptoms of post-concussion syndrome includes fatigue. Fatigue can come from many different factors. However, concussions build fatigue symptoms on a cellular level from the damage sustained in a concussion, interrupting your body’s ability to build and use energy.

  • Fatigue from concussions is a result from calcium leaks
  • Other fatigue could stem from problems with thyroids or anemia
  • Fatigue problems can take some time to fully recover from

Post-concussion syndrome is a complex condition that requires a lot of care and time to fully recover from. You could experience significant fatigue, inability to effectively concentrate, headaches, poor balance, and loss of fine motor control. These and more are the result of concussion damage to three major areas in your body, which all require the care our clinic can provide:

  • Physical damage the cell wall of the brain
  • Damage to the motor systems of the eyes and balance
  • Cervucigenic symptoms such as pain in the neck

Broadview Health Centre offers specialized equipment and technology that helps us diagnose problems and treat them effectively in regards to concussions and other mild-traumatic brain injuries. These tools are a mix of physical tests and electrical monitors working in tandem to give evaluations of the body’s control over balance and motor control, giving us invaluable information on a patents condition by:

  • Evaluating the body’s ability to balance on flat and uneven surfaces
  • Balance when a patents head is turning in various directions
  • Building information on how a concussion effects an individual

Broadview Spine & Health Centre utilized state of the art diagnosis equipment to allow us to gain quality information on how to approach treatment to every patent’s unique symptoms. A Videonystagmography allows us to get a fine-tuned reading of eye movements on video and with graphical representation.

  • Helps us identify where damage is located in the brain
  • Helps develop a customized program for the patient
  • Provides conclusive evidence for brain injury symptoms

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