How Head Eye Vestibular Motion Therapy Helps with Concussion in Ottawa

One of the cutting-edge treat­­­­ments we offer here at Broadview Spine & Health Centre – Ottawa’s Concussion Clinic – is called Head Eye Vestibular Motion Therapy.

While it might sound like a mouthful, this treatment (aka HEVM) can be very effective in helping patients cope with post-concussion syndrome.

Let’s take a look at the process of head-eye vestibular motion therapy, who it can benefit and whether this concussion treatment could be right for you.

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The Need for Concussion Treatment Such as Head-Eye Vestibular Motion Therapy

blurred vision post concussion syndromeAt Broadview’s Ottawa concussion clinic, we use an advanced process of concussion symptom diagnostics. These include videonystagmography and saccadometry, among other means of testing and assessing concussion symptoms.

As we develop a customized assessment of your post-concussion symptoms, we work with you to come up with a tailor-made plan of treatment.

While there is no “cure” for a concussion, there are several concussion therapies and treatments that help ease concussion symptoms and give patients a better outlook on their road to recovery.

One of the Ottawa concussion treatments that we recommend for many of our patients at the Broadview concussion clinic is head-eye vestibular motion therapy (HEVM).

Head Eye Vestibular Motion Therapy: How It Works

concussion patient with headacheHead-eye vestibular motion therapy measures eye movement and head movement in patients with post-concussion syndrome. It then takes its form as a process of eye exercises that are performed in multiple sets, repeatedly and consistently over a sustained period of time.

HEVM is designed to improve saccadic eye movements, which in turn can have a positive effect on both the physical health and mental health of patients who have suffered concussions.

Head-eye vestibular motion therapy carries with it the ultimate goal of reducing concussion symptoms and helping concussion patients lead a better life as they go through the process of concussion recovery.

HEVM is often used in concert with other forms of concussion therapy, such as:

  • vestibular rehabilitation
  • hand-eye coordination therapies
  • somatic-sensory limb movements
  • spinal manipulation therapy

… and many others that we offer here at Broadview, Ottawa’s concussion clinic.

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Concussion Symptoms Helped by Head Eye Vestibular Motion Therapy

woman smiling feeling betterPeople who have suffered concussion – and are going through the arduous recovery process of post-concussion syndrome – can experience a variety of concussion symptoms, many of which are helped by concussion treatments such as head-eye vestibular motion therapy.

Such concussion & post-concussion symptoms include:

  • blurred vision
  • light sensitivity
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • headaches
  • neck pain

… and many others. While the saying “no two concussions are the same” is certainly valid, the experienced team at our Ottawa concussion clinic is adept at identifying clusters of related symptoms which can be reduced and eased through therapies such as head-eye vestibular motion therapy.

Head Eye Vestibular Motion Therapy for Ottawa Concussion Patients

To find out more about head-eye vestibular motion therapy and to see whether it is right for your concussion symptoms, contact the Broadview Ottawa concussion clinic today.

We specialize in treating and helping people with traumatic brain injury and post-concussion in Ottawa and surrounding communities in Eastern Ontario, the Outaouais and beyond.