Myoclonus Cases, Symptoms & Treatment

A patient with dystonia receiving a massage

What are some of the symptoms of myoclonus? While we don’t’ want to encourage self-diagnosis (as some of these symptoms could be the sign of something else, something more serious), major symptoms include jerks, shakes or spasms that come on suddenly and are brief in nature. They may have a shocking or jolting quality to them, as (no matter how many times you’ve felt it) they tend to be surprising. That’s especially for the sleep starts. Myoclonus intensity and length can vary. Sometimes it’s locally isolated to a specific part of the body; others feel it all over the body.

If you are experiencing myoclonus symptoms, there’s probably no need for alarm. Even so, there are two good reasons to come see us for diagnosis and treatment. Since the symptoms may actually be connected to a more serious condition, it’s better to seek professional help. If you are experiencing myoclonus symptoms that interfere with your daily life and important tasks (work, school, eating, speaking, exercise, etc.), we can help. At Broadview Spine & Health Centre in Ottawa, we have experience and expertise when it comes to diagnosing and treating myoclonus.

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