Musculoskeletal Disorders: What Are They & How Do We Treat Them

Musculoskeletal health is key to our well-being.

Educating society on the benefits of a healthy musculoskeletal system is an important priority for us here at Broadview Spine & Health Centre in Ottawa.

Although treatment is vital to put patients in their way to recovery, prevention plays a very important role when it comes to musculoskeletal conditions.

The more knowledgeable one is, the more one can do to enhance overall well-being. Read on for a brief insight on musculoskeletal disorders and the treatments available

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The Importance of a Healthy Musculoskeletal System

animation 3d of musculoskeletal disordersThe musculoskeletal system is a complex network of bones, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, and associated tissues that offer us the ability to move and perform regular daily tasks.

Health of the musculoskeletal system is defined as the absence of illness within all of its parts.

This musculoskeletal network supports literally everything we do, so keeping it in good condition is crucial for overall quality of life and happiness

Most Common Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal injuries include a wide array of conditions that can range from back pain to osteoporosis, including various types of arthritis, and can be the result of physical trauma or just overuse.

If not addressed promptly, musculoskeletal disorders may become chronic, causing debilitating pain and impairment.

As a result of the high prevalence of these disorders, musculoskeletal conditions are considered the second greatest cause of disability worldwide. 

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How Can Musculoskeletal Conditions Affect Our Lives?

woman suffering shoulder pain musculoskeletal disorderMusculoskeletal disorders can affect people of all ages, although their prevalence tends to increase with age.

At some point, the pain from musculoskeletal disorders may interfere with the ability to complete daily tasks.

To ensure healthy aging, we recommend people to stay as active as possible. This will result in better mobility and independent living for years to come. 

There are certain ways to enhance our chances. Exercise is not only good for weight and stress management, as it also helps maintain strength and mobility as we age, which are critical to prevent falls that can result in fractures or even hospitalization. 

Musculoskeletal Disorders: Risk Factors

Although not every musculoskeletal condition can be avoided, smoking, excessive alcohol or soda consumption, and inadequate vitamin D & calcium are factors that can increase your risk of suffering from a musculoskeletal condition

woman treated for musculoskeletal disorderMaking positive lifestyle changes can affect your body in a very positive way in the long run.

However, if you have concerns about your musculoskeletal system, book a consultation at our chiropractic rehabilitation centre in Ottawa. Our experts will assess your symptoms and recommend the treatment(s) best suited to your needs. 

How We Treat Musculoskeletal Disorders in Ottawa

At Broadview Spine & Health Centre, we offer a free initial consultation to assess and discuss your musculoskeletal condition in Ottawa at our clinic.

We specialize in leading edge spinal care, and our unique therapies include non-surgical spine decompression, laser treatment and the Active Therapeutic Movement system® (ATM2), as well as chiropractic and massage treatment.

We are renowned for our revolutionary, research-based approach to rehabilitation.

Contact us today and ensure that your musculoskeletal system is being looked after by the experts!