Chiropractic neurology – aka “functional neurology” – is the diagnosis and treatment of health, function and disease in the brain and nervous system. It is an evidence-based model of care, using a holistic approach to assess brain function and physical well-being related to the brain. Chiropractic neurology utilizes a comprehensive means of testing and diagnosis, including neurological exams, patient medical history and other means of neurological diagnostics (many of which are original to this field).

Once the assessment and diagnosis have taken place, the goal in chiropractic neurology is to help the patient achieve better neurological wellness (e.g. concussion recovery) through a series of treatments and therapies based on the science of neuroplasticity. Your chiropractic neurologist will work with you to establish a customized neurological recovery plan to restore brain and/or nervous system function.

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Chiropractic neurology – or functional neurology – is a chiropractic health discipline that addresses neurological disorders through a combination of chiropractic treatments and other therapies. The most common disorders and areas of treatment centre around:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion
  • Movement disorders
  • Balance / vestibular disorders
  • Dementia
  • and other neurological disorders

While the traditional approach from neurology has been to address simply the brain itself, chiropractic neurologists look at the brain as well as multiple locations throughout the body’s nervous system – in particular, spine and neck. Treatment in chiropractic neurology involves a blend of cognitive, sensory, physical and visual approaches. Benchmarks are established during assessment so that measurable results are tracked throughout treatment.


Chiropractic neurologists are chiropractors who have dedicated their practice to the specialization of neurology, studying in this field for an additional three years beyond their chiropractic training. As trained and qualified chiropractic neurologists, we are capable of diagnosing and treating concussions, traumatic brain injury, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS), dystonia, vestibular disorders and other neurological disorders. It is important to note that chiropractic neurologists treat brain & neuro disorders through prescribed and proven natural therapies & treatments – NOT through surgery or drugs.

Chiropractic neurologists are well versed, through education and clinical practice, in the breakthrough field of neuroplasticity. Thanks to the natural processes involving the changing of neurons, the organization of neural networks and improved function through therapy and brain / neuro rehabilitation, we are realizing tremendous successes in helping patients in Ottawa and across Canada recover from brain and/or neurological disorders. Our goal as chiropractic neurologists is to help our patients live better lives without the invasive means of surgery or complications of prescription drugs.

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The 3 Pillars of Chiropractic Neurology


We utilize a proven, detailed process of diagnosis, assessment and benchmarking of concussions & other disorders. This includes neurocognitive assessment, videonystagmography, saccadometry, gait analysis and other means, plus a discussion on your overall health & well-being.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution in chiropractic neurology. Instead, based on the assessment performed in the earlier stages, we work with you to develop a customized plan of treatment and therapy. This includes treatment at our Ottawa clinic as well as exercises for you to do at home.


Our entire chiropractic neurological practice is centered around holistic well-being. Our series of proven methods & processes are on the leading edge in concussion treatment and therapy for neurological disorders & other conditions – all through non-invasive means. No surgery, no drugs.

Frequently asked questions

Yes and no. Chiropractic neurologists are chiropractors, that much is true. However, we have dedicated our careers to an area of specialty, that being (chiropractic) neurology or the practice of assessing & treating neurological disorders, traumatic brain injury, concussion and much more. We employ chiropractic means across the many treatments that we provide for our patients. And, much like chiropractic medicine, we do not use surgery or drugs in chiropractic neurology.

If you have suffered a brain injury and suspect concussion, or you fear that someone you know may have suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury (based either on you witnessing the injury or your observations of their behaviour, speech, appearance, etc.), the first step is to see your family doctor or, in urgent cases, go to the nearest hospital / emergency room. Once they have made a diagnosis of concussion and advised a course of rest, etc., then you can contact us to set up further assessment and a customized concussion recovery treatment plan.

Post-concussion syndrome is a complex condition that requires a lot of care and time to fully recover from. You could experience significant fatigue, inability to effectively concentrate, headaches, poor balance, and loss of fine motor control. These and more are the result of concussion damage to three major areas in your body, which all require the care our clinic can provide:

  • Physical damage the cell wall of the brain
  • Damage to the motor systems of the eyes and balance
  • Cervucigenic symptoms such as pain in the neck

Broadview Health Centre offers specialized equipment and technology that helps us diagnose problems and treat them effectively in regards to concussions and other mild-traumatic brain injuries. These tools are a mix of physical tests and electrical monitors working in tandem to give evaluations of the body’s control over balance and motor control, giving us invaluable information on a patents condition by:

  • Evaluating the body’s ability to balance on flat and uneven surfaces
  • Balance when a patents head is turning in various directions
  • Building information on how a concussion effects an individual

Broadview Spine & Health Centre utilized state of the art diagnosis equipment to allow us to gain quality information on how to approach treatment to every patent’s unique symptoms. A Videonystagmography allows us to get a fine-tuned reading of eye movements on video and with graphical representation.

  • Helps us identify where damage is located in the brain
  • Helps develop a customized program for the patient
  • Provides conclusive evidence for brain injury symptoms

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