Concussion Recovery During COVID-19

With the global COVID-19 pandemic upon us, we’ve all had to make adjustments and accept certain realities and various changes.

For our concussion and brain injury clinic in Ottawa at the Broadview Spine & Health Centre, these changes have unfortunately meant that we’ve had to reduce drastically the services that we offer for the time being.

If you have been receiving treatment for concussion at Broadview, you’ve probably had to temporarily pause your treatments. It’s important, however, to do what you can while following the ‘stay home’ protocol to continue the process of concussion recovery and healing.

If you or someone you know have suffered a concussion, it is important to seek medical attention. Traumatic brain injury is a serious matter, one that requires diagnosis from a doctor.

At our Ottawa concussion clinic, we have suspended treatments except for acute and emergency care. Please phone us at 613-728-2929 or, better yet, use the convenient contact form at the bottom or side of this page to make a consultation appointment.

Many Ottawa Concussion Treatments Temporarily Paused

man recovering from concussionWe know that you want nothing better than to continue to recover from your concussion or traumatic brain injury.

If you’ve been a patient at Broadview concussion clinic in Ottawa, you know the value of our concussion treatments. These are customized to your specific head injury and were designed to be followed over time through a course of consistently applied treatments.

It is, indeed, unfortunate that, during the COVID-19 pandemic wherein physical distancing measures are in place, we are unable to continue most of the concussion treatments we offer in Ottawa.

While we are firm believers in the importance of following the prescribed course of treatments to derive the full benefits they provide towards a full recovery from concussion, we are also keenly aware of the need to combat the spread of the Coronavirus in Ottawa.

For these reasons, while social distancing measures are in place in Ottawa and across Ontario, Quebec and Canada as a whole – for the health and safety of our patients & staff and of the greater good of our Ottawa community – we encourage you to engage in activities at home that help your concussion recovery.

Concussion Recovery While Staying at Home

woman walking outdoorsIt’s important to get a lot of rest!

We cannot emphasize this point enough.

Rest is one of the most beneficial factors in concussion recovery.

Rest and sleep are also known to boost immunity, something we all need in general and specifically during this COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to rest, light physical exercise is helpful for recovery from a brain injury or concussion.

Now, with physical distancing requirements, the situation is fluid and can change by the day or even hour. Stay tuned to local authorities for their latest directives. As of this article’s publishing, the City of Ottawa was still allowing (and in fact encouraging) walking outdoors, provided you respect a healthy distance between people and follow city bylaws on parks, etc.

You can also exercise at home by walking up & down stairs, doing aerobic or calisthenic exercises, etc. (** be sure that you’ve discussed these exercises with your doctor or chiropractic neurologist before engaging)

vegetables in a salad nutritionalAlso, with the gym closed, if you do have a home gym – many gym workouts are not recommended while recovering from a concussion. Again, be sure you’ve discussed this with us before continuing.

Another way to stay on the road to concussion recovery (and maintain physical health, too) is to follow a proper dietary and nutritional regimen.

Make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet, complete with the essential food groups and proper portion sizes. Avoid foods that have a tendency to promote inflammation:

  • Red meat
  • Sugar (and artificial sweeteners)
  • Carbs (in moderation)

Eating healthy, getting enough sleep and engaging in light physical exercise** can help assist your concussion recovery – and they’re also beneficial in building & maintaining overall immunity.

How Broadview Can Help for Ottawa Concussion Recovery

Should you have any questions during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out.

At the Broadview concussion clinic in Ottawa, we continue to monitor the situation and do what’s best for the health and well-being of our patients, staff and community.

While we are currently seeing patients, certain COVID-19 safety protocols are in place. Read more to find out what to expect. Your health and safety are our number one priority, and we are ensuring all necessary measures are in place.

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