Day in the Life: Advanced Concussion Clinic in Ottawa

What’s does a typical day look like at an advanced concussion clinic in Ottawa?

That’s a really nice question that we get from patients and visitors alike from time to time.

The truth is, there are few typical days here at Broadview Spine and Health, the trusted Ottawa concussion clinic with an approach based in chiropractic neurology.

But some days do resemble others in some ways; there are patterns, as well as some days and some people who truly stand out. That’s what we’ll be looking at in this edition of the Ottawa concussion blog.

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Our Ottawa Concussion Clinic in the Post-COVID Era

concussion patient hits head from bicycle fallWhile there weren’t many ‘usual’ or ‘typical’ days here at our Ottawa concussion clinic prior to the COVID-19 era, this became even truer when the world around us changed – seemingly overnight.

In addition to everything else that goes into the day-to-day operations of an advanced concussion clinic and spine health centre (which we’ll talk about a little later on), we now have had to shift our mentalities, re-educate our patients and our concussion clinic care team, and take extra measures to be hyper-vigilant in guarding against the spread of the coronavirus.

We discussed many of these anti-COVID measures in a previous article.

In short, we are taking more time during appointments and in between appointments at our Ottawa concussion clinic, making sure we do everything possible to keep our patients, doctors and staff safe and healthy. The experience is a little different than it used to be, of course, as we do more to sanitize our concussion clinic facilities and take more precautions with PPE (personal protective equipment) and other steps.

Our patients have been very understanding, though, for which we are thankful. That’s one of the perks of being in a field where our mission is to help people improve their health.

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The Types of Patients We See at the Concussion Clinic

Just as the old saying goes, “no two concussions are the same,” so too is it the case that no two concussion patients are the same.

concussion clinic doctor speaking with patientEvery person that walks through the door at our Ottawa concussion clinic is treated as an individual person, not a “case,” but indeed someone who has a unique set of circumstances, presenting the combination of concussion or traumatic brain injury with a medical history and a set of goals and expectations.

On an “average” day at the Broadview concussion clinic in Ottawa (though we’re somewhat hesitant to use this term, we’ll go with ‘average’ for lack of a better word), we see a variety of people in need of care for concussion, brain injury, spinal health issues, movement disorders, neurological disorders and more.

While we specialize in the treatment of concussion and a full range of traumatic brain injury, we also help people who are struggling with vertigo, dystonia, Meniere’s disease tremors & tics, MS, Parkinson’s and many other afflictions.

Within concussions, we see patients with a variety of brain injuries, running the range from mild to moderate to severe in nature and scope. These concussions have been incurred as a result of sports injuries, automobile accidents and other forms of collision or impact.

How We Make a Difference at Our Ottawa Concussion Clinic

concussion patient hits head on carAt our Ottawa concussion clinic, we do not rush to prescribe a cookie-cutter solution, but instead take the time to listen to our patients who suffer from concussion or other spine, neck and/or brain health issues. You’ll notice that much of the first appointment at the advanced concussion clinic is spent asking poignant questions, listening to your answers, asking follow-up questions and getting a more in-depth understanding of the nature of your concussion symptoms as well as the goals and expectations.

Thus, a “typical day,” you could say, sees a variety of people coming into the concussion clinic, with a wide range of symptoms presented and an array of solutions proposed for concussion treatment. What you’ll see in common, from one appointment to the next and from one day to the next, is the high level of care and compassion provided by the doctors and support staff at our Ottawa concussion clinic.

If you or someone you love is afflicted with concussion, traumatic brain injury or other disorder, contact us today to find out how the Broadview concussion clinic in Ottawa can help you.