How Chiropractic Neurologists & Concussion Specialists Treat Concussion in Ottawa

Concussion sufferers face symptoms ranging from dizziness to chronic headaches to memory loss and vision problems.

Chiropractic neurologists take a functional approach to each patient to create an individualized plan to treat their symptoms, based on neuroplasticity.

How Neuroplasticity Plays an Important Role in Chiropractic Neurology


Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to reorganize and learn by forming new neural connections after an injury, such as concussion.

It also draws on psychology, nutrition, neurophysiology and neurology to treat patients.

Initially, a chiropractic neurologist takes a complete history, as no two patients are alike. This includes a musculoskeletal and a neurological examination using specific tests of balance, vision, hearing, etc.

From this, an individualized treatment plan is designed to rebuild and strengthen areas of the brain that have been damaged.

What Does Concussion Cause & Affect?

scan of brain with concussion

Treatments may include physiologic, vestibulo-ocular and cervicogenic components of brain health.

The physiologic component deals with injury at the cellular (neuron) level. Patients exhibit symptoms such as fatigue and headaches with cognitive and/or physical activity, brain fog, nausea, light and sound sensitivity, dizziness and poor concentration.

The vestibulo-ocular component involves the visual and balance system.

Concussion symptoms can include blurred or double vision, difficulty with tracking moving objects and difficulty with reading.

The cervicogenic component refers to damage to structures of the neck and how they contribute to symptoms which include neck pain and headaches.

What Kinds of Concussion Treatments Are Offered?

man with concussion symptoms

Some of the specifically designed therapies include:


Vision Therapy helps correct vision problems by actively engaging and retraining the brain and eye muscles for a specific function.

Vestibular Rehabilitation – designed to improve function in routine activities, to overcome balance and dizziness issues.

Transcranial Vagus Nerve Stimulation – a non-invasive treatment method that delivers gentle pulses of electricity to the vagus nerve to help treat brain injuries.

Mirror Therapy  helps affected limbs move more efficiently through neuroplasticity.

Nutrition – a unique food plan designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of the individual, to aid in rehabilitation of the brain and body.

Laser-guided Proprioceptive Feedback – helps improve a sense of body awareness and to restore balance and motion.

Eye Exercises – helpful in reducing such things as headache, neck pain, dizziness, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light.  Care is based on advanced diagnostic findings from videonystagmography and saccadometry.

model of brain & spineSomatosensory Evoked Potentials – evaluates nerve pathways responsible for feeling touch and pressure,  for a number of applications, including treatment of headaches and assessment of blood flow to the brain.

Ear Insufflation – involves applying small puffs of air to the ear drum as a treatment for improving headaches and migraines as well as other sinus, ear, and brain-related ailments.

Non-surgical Decompression Therapy – provides gentle, controlled traction that can effectively treat neck and head pain caused by damage to the neck and spine.

Auditory Therapy – helps ease various forms of dizziness including ear, central and vertigo, and helps restore balance after concussion.

Photobiomodulation – or laser therapy, is used to reduce inflammation, provide pain control and promote tissue repair.


How Broadview Treats Clients Using Chiropractic Neurology in Ottawa


Chiropractic neurologists and concussion specialists offer a multilevel methodology to help concussion sufferers.

At Broadview Spine & Health Centre in Ottawa, we specialize in treatment for concussion and other related disorders.

Contact us today to find out more and book an appointment. Take your biggest step on the journey of healing!



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