How our Ottawa Concussion Clinic is Handling COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 is, as most of us know by now, much more than the flu.

Its symptoms can sometimes persist for months, damaging the lungs, the heart and the brain. This increases the risk of health problems in the long run.

That is why our advanced concussion clinic in Ottawa continues to put your health and safety first.

During the pandemic, we have continued to treat concussion patients in Ottawa, as well as people with other injuries, illnesses and disorders. We are doing so with the utmost in safety protocol, meeting or exceeding the health and safety standards as set out by governmental bodies and medical community.

How Has the Pandemic Affected Our Advanced Concussion Clinic?

covid cleaning at ottawa concussion clinicFrom a patient perspective, you might notice some more time between appointments at our Ottawa concussion clinic to allow us to sanitize our facilities and change clothes and protective equipment when required.

Waiting in the lobby is not allowed anymore, so we kindly ask our patients to wait outside until they are called.

In order to perform concussion treatment and other services in a safe manner, our staff is provided with enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, shields and gloves.

Hand sanitizer is available at all times and, for safety purposes, social distance is mandatory in our facilities.

COVID-19: Safety at Our Ottawa Concussion Clinic

covid cleaning at ottawa concussion clinicIn order to protect our staff and their future patients, those who are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus or have been exposed to someone infected by it are asked to stay home and reschedule their appointments with us.

Prevention is key at our advanced concussion clinic in Ottawa, so if you are feeling sick, let us know and try to rest as much as possible, since good sleep will help you recover from a concussion or any other brain injury.

In some cases, virtual appointments can be accommodated. All you have to do is to give us a call.

Concussion Clinic Adapting to the New Norm

ottawa concussion clinicOur concussion treatments remain pretty much the same.

However, our processes since the coronavirus impacted our lives have changed somewhat.

Although a promising vaccine has been released, there are still huge challenges ahead.

Only a limited number of people will have access to the vaccine in the coming months, so until it is made available to everyone and the pandemic is (hopefully) declared under control, we will keep playing our part at our concussion clinic in Ottawa.

Treatments Offered at our Advanced Concussion Clinic in Ottawa

patient at ottawa concussion clinicIf you have recently been diagnosed with a concussion in Ottawa, we are taking new patients.

Chiropractic neurology entails a holistic approach to concussion treatment. This means we don’t only address the brain, but other related areas like the neck and the spine.

Our concussion treatments range from vision therapy to mirror therapy, including eye exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, non-surgical decompression therapy and transcranial vagus nerve stimulation, among others.

About Our Concussion Clinic in Ottawa

At Broadview Health Centre’s Ottawa concussion clinic, we have the expertise to put you on your way to concussion recovery.

We are knowledgeable in brain health and thanks to our advanced technology, we can provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and recommend the most suitable treatment.

If you are experiencing concussion symptoms, don’t wait until the pandemic is over. Brain injuries need to be addressed as soon as possible! Call our Ottawa concussion clinic at 613-728-2929 or use the contact form below to get in touch. We are here to help with concussion treatment and a range of other services.



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