Post-Concussion Syndrome: Symptoms to Watch For & Effective Forms of Treatment

From an impact injury that is considered a ‘mild’ trauma to the brain, a set of debilitating symptoms can soon develop.

This injury is a concussion, and these symptoms can be very wide-ranging, from physical to emotional. When these symptoms persist, the result can be post-concussion syndrome, which can be a very challenging condition to determine, treat, and rehabilitate.

Signs & Symptoms of a Concussion

Because every concussion has some individual differences, the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome can be both short-term as well as longer lasting.

Some immediate signs of concussion include:

  • head and neck pain
  • blurred or double vision
  • sensitivity to light and sounds
  • poor hand-eye coordination and balance
  • fatigue from mental effort, dizziness, and nausea

On top of those, you may find these starting soon after the concussion, and/or staying with you for some time to come:

  • difficulty with concentration and short-term memory
  • inability to read, watch TV, or use a computer
  • problems performing everyday tasks
  • irritability, anxiety, and depression

Even a few of these symptoms can prevent an individual from functioning at home, school, and work.

Don’t Put off Concussion Diagnosis & Concussion Treatment

migraine suddenly comes onIt is important to properly test for and treat concussion so as to minimize the symptoms, their duration, and the risk of long-term disability. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a likely concussion, you need to consider attending a concussion clinic.

Broadview Spine & Health Centre serves Ottawa as an advanced concussion clinic for testing, treating and rehabilitating brain health in post-concussion syndrome patients.

After complex testing to indicate the ways in which the brain has been injured, a set of thorough treatments can be designed.

For example, there can be damage at the physiological (cellular) level, impairment of vision, balance, and motor skills, and neck and/or spinal misalignment.

Testing for Post-Concussioin Syndrome

soccer players can get micro concussionsTesting for post-concussion syndrome can include sophisticated tracking and recording of eye movements; balance, motion, and coordination measurements; and determination of neck and spine alignment.

Non-invasive, drug-free treatments are available to the patient, and can include:

  • vision therapy, auditory therapy and head-eye motion therapy
  • muscle and nerve stimulation
  • balance and stability rehabilitation
  • decompression therapy for neck and spine
  • laser therapy to reduce inflammation
  • specialized nutritional plans
  • chiropractic treatment

As each person’s medical history and current situation is unique, the right course(s) of treatment for you will depend on a number of factors.

Your Best Option for Concussion Treatment in Ottawa

If you have suffered a concussion, you may be at risk of post-concussion syndrome, or you may already have it. Either way, you need to consider looking for concussion testing and treatment to speed your recovery, protect your brain health and improve your personal well-being.

Broadview Spine & Health Centre is here to provide you with effective concussion treatment that can help you recover quickly, and get back on your feet again. We have an advanced clinic for concussion and brain rehabilitation, and we work with experts in concussion treatment who bring years of experience in treating concussion patients. Over the years, we have treated hundreds of patients with post-concussion syndrome.

Contact us to schedule your appointment and take your next, big steps on the road to recovery. One of our experienced and compassionate concussion specialists would be happy to answer questions regarding your recovery and treatment.

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