The Back Pain and Concussion Connection

Never Over Look A Concussion

Back Issues Are All Too Common

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Back pain is a common health issue for many adults.  Reported cases of lower back pain exceeds well over 200,000 in the US each year. Some of this pain is temporary due to muscle strain – and this situation will often recover on its own, with rest. However, many cases of back pain can linger for an extended period of time and can become more severe. The causes of chronic lower back pain are often due some form of abnormal pressure exerted on the spinal nerves.


Nerve pressure may often be the result of spinal disk injury, or herniated discs that exert pressure on the sciatic nerve. Other conditions, such as spinal stenosis, abnormal spine curvature, arthritis, fibromyalgia, spondylitis, spondylosis, can all result in chronic lower back pain. A full exam by a back specialist to include an MRI is the only sure way to begin to address the cause and treatment.

Lower Back Pain Associated With Concussions

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One very important and often overlooked cause of lower back pain is the longer-term effects of a concussion. A concussion is a type of brain injury that can lead to some very serious problems, depending on the severity or repeated injury to specific areas of the brain. A serious longer-term effect of a concussion is lower back pain.  The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and controls the neurological system.


A concussion impact can last a few days or many years, again, depending on the severity and the person’s current health status. If you have had a car accident or have had a sports related injury that lead to a concussion, you should be aware that there can be long term effects.

The Long-Term Effects Of A Concussion

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A potential long-term effect of a concussion is the brains ability to control the spinal nerves that allow for stable balance and control. As you walk, and move through about your daily routine, part of your brain makes sure your back muscles and nervous system are in sync. The brain’s objective is to control our movement in the most efficient way possible. A concussion can cause minor damage to part of the brain that controls this muscle coordination.


The muscles in the lower back then over compensate for the brains diminished control signals. This overcompensation or muscle contraction event, can cause chronic pain. The important difference with this specific type of pain is that it is often overlooked when a person is checked for lower back pain, and the standard treatments will have no effect on its underlying cause.

Concussion & Low Back Treatment Options

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Back pain is a common symptom for people who have recently suffered a concussion. One treatment option that effectively alleviates those aches and pains in your back is called non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. Without the need for surgery or drug related interventions, spinal decompression therapy relieves back pain by manipulating the spine into an ideal position to alleviate disk pressure, promote oxygen and blood flow, and allow for long-term healing to occur.

Along with spinal decompression, proper nutrition can play a key role in aiding rehabilitation. Our team can create a custom-tailored nutritional plan that will help supply your body with the adequate amount of fuel and nutrients in order to recover and heal optimally. Contact us today about our nutritional recommendations related to concussions.

A Concussion May Be The Root Cause Of Your Persistent Back Pain


If you have lower back pain that lingers despite analysis and treatment, the underlying issue may be the long-term effects of a concussion.  Of course, you need to discuss with your doctor and back specialist, but this important to recognize this concussion connection when seeking the proper treatment.  Carefully consider, with your doctor, that the lower back pain you are currently experiencing is due to a concussion some time ago.  You may be wasting money on ineffective treatments or going through a rehabilitative exercise routine that will not treat the root cause.

If you have back pain and suffered a concussion (or think you may have), get in touch with us today. We at Broadview Spine & Health Centre have extensive research, training and experience in this area.

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