Ask The Expert With Dr. Eric Guillemette

Our very own Dr. Eric Guillemette was recently featured in CTV Ottawa Morning Live's Ask The Expert segment. Dr. Guillemette talks about concussions and the treatments offered at Broadview Spine & Health Center and answers viewer questions about their experiences with concussions with his expert advice.

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Part 1: Introduction to Concussions and Treatments at Broadview Spine & Health Centre

In part 1 of this interview, Dr. Guillemette discusses the symptoms and challenges that his patients experience with concussions. Specifically he talks about patients who have to work from home due to the pandemic and spend their days staring at a computer screen. He also discusses why rest is the most important and highly recommended course of action for the first few days after suffering a traumatic brain injury

Part 2: Diagnosing Concussions, Treatment Plans, Improving Balance & Treating Tremors

In part 2 of the segment, Dr. Guillemette talks about the many tools and processes he uses to diagnose and treat concussions at Broadview Spine & Health Centre. Viewers asked questions about balance issues and tremors caused by concussions. Dr. Guillemette explains what happens in the brain to cause these symptoms and ways that he can treat them.


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Part 3: Approach to Concussion Treatment, Tinitus, Brain Fog & Military Treatment

In the final part of the Ask The Expert segment, Dr. Guillemette discusses the broad approach Broadview Spine & Health Centre takes for treating concussions and why it's important for providing the best treatment plans for patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Viewers asked questions relating to hearing sounds that aren't normal after suffering a concussion, brain fog that has lingered for years after a concussion, and treatments for members of the military.

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